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Collecting data from devices

Device Management's Connect API and Notification API let you send commands to device resources - the sensors and actuators on a device - and receive data from device resources directly or through a web application.

Device Management provides a queueing and delivery mechanism that guarantees:

  • Delivery of commands to devices, including low-bandwidth devices that may be available only occasionally, independent of the connectivity technology used.
  • Delivery of notifications even when there are connectivity issues or load spikes.

All communication with the device is asynchronous, and Device Management delivers the result of an operation as an event through an event notification channel.

To set up communication between a user or application and a device:

  1. Set up a notification channel.

  2. Request information from the device by:

Event notification channel

Note: You create the resource structure in the device application. For information about creating device resources with Device Management Client, please see Creating and configuring objects and resources.

Device Management stores the structure of resources for each device. Device Management caches resource values for the lifetime defined by the device application.